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Started by Ben_j, May 29, 2017, 18:40

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Mad As Hell / EBW12
Gotta Keep On (Make Me High)
Eve Of Destruction
something else / previously unknown
Dope Coil [Version]
Free Yourself
just had to add one more.. Probably should've added it to the gaming thread instead of spamming it here.
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...'cause I don't like whats going on in the world. I'm scared of that...

Quote from: MIKL on Mar 04, 2019, 08:39

If you like some street art. Theres a self proclaimed 'meme street artist' from OZ who takes the piss out of popular culture and internet culture whenever he can. I believe he was invited by Banksy to contribute to his Dismaland exhibit. I believe this guy who has ridiculous amount of online popularity is a gamer. This is what humanity's culture has come to.

The irony of a guy who calls himself a 'meme street artist' while "taking the piss" out of popular culture is not lost on me. And he's basically just giving Pewdiepie more publicity.
0/10 for execution.

So here is my review of No Geography. I thought i give it a couple of spins before, because, you know, sometimes you are not very into a record at first hearing but after listening to it several times it starts growing.

Small summary at the beginning: It has grown

What i have to say is that i review most of the tracks released around No Geography, including the Japan bonus tracks, the instrumentals from the 3LP version and the Free Yourself instrumental. Excludes are the Remixes, Neeeeum and the tracks from the Essential Mix.

Eve Of Destruction
Not a bad song, but also not their best "first track" (ok, it's hard to beat Leave Home, Block Rockin' Beats, Music:Response, Come With Us & Snow). I like the vocals of Aurora on this, and from what i've seen so far on the videos on youtube, Eve Of Destruction is a banger live (including those awesome visuals). What i definitely don't like are the vocals from Nene. Not that they are bad or this special part of the song is bad, but it doesn't fit into Eve Of Destruction - should have been a seperate track.

The transition from Eve Of Destruction to Bango is great, even though i'ts really simple. The track itself is also a nice listen, but far away from "the best track on the album" as some have said after those listening partys.

No Geography
This one is one the three songs on/from No Geography that i totally adore. Such a beautiful track, those vocal samples and this musical mix between modern electronic and big beat plus the transition from Bango - how can you not love this song? But i also have to agree with some of you => this should have been the last song on the album. A bit longer (not to long!) and track 10 - this could have been the final No Geography (album) had deserved.

Got To Keep On
From the released singles, this is the most "single" (except the video). I do like this, as song, as single, live (stunning visuals again), on the album - but it should have been replaced with another track...

Gravity Drops
The most discussed track on the album. I said before that it's not more than a b-side, but this is one of the "growers" on No Geography. Still not my favourite track, but i do enjoy listening to this (or, i won't skip it anymore).

Hi Kevin
So this is a masterpiece (even though there are still three tracks that i love more). The music, the vocals, the lenght, the everything. One thing: am i the only one who get some Hold Tight London vibes when listening to this?

We've Got To Try
Released as the last single (as by now) with an awesome video. Nice track, nothing more, nothing less. I think there are other songs from the No Geography era that you will talk about in 10 years.

Free Yourself
First single (best video from the No Geography era), released months before the release of No Geography. And maybe that is the point of this song. This one is really good (that breakbeat-part especially), but for now i can't listen to it anymore. If it would not have the transition into MAH, this would be my "skip track".

So here is Mad As Hell. That kicks butt. Best track on No Geography. Everything said.

Catch Me I'm Falling
The last 'regular' track on the album. In this version, i would love to have No Geography as an closer instead of Catch Me I'm Falling, but have no idea where it could find a place on the album if it wasn't the last track.

The third one from "the three songs on/from No Geography that i totally adore". As you all know this is an alternative or remixed version of Got To Keep On. I understand why they've choosen Got To Keep On above Fantai for the album, but i don't understand why it is just a bonus track for just one country (nothing against you japanese people, i love you and your country). Instead it should have been released as a b-side or as an Electronic Battle Weapon (because it has this special EBW feeling) or both. Also i would count this as number 3 on a journey that started with Don't Think, travelled over C.H.E.M.I.C.A.L. and now takes a stop here. Don't ask me why, but in my opinion those three tracks could have been from the same writing session.

MAH (EBW Version)
See, MAH and Fantai => "best track" and "I understand why they've choosen Got To Keep On MAH above Fantai MAH (EBW Version)"

Got To Keep On (Extended)
As you may remember, above i've said Got To Keep On should have been replaced with another track - here is this track. It's nearly 2 minutes longer, and somehow now it has the proper lenght to get the attention on the album it deserves.

Hi Kevin (Instrumental)
Short verdict: as an instrumental it sounds funny, but it's the version with Aurora that gets the points.

Catch Me I'm Falling (Instrumental)
So this one is complicated. Withouth the vocal samples it sounds so pure, but also more grown up. If they had choosen the instrumental version as last track instead of the one with those vocals, this could have been the perfect ending for No Geography and i wouldn't say anymore that No Geography (song) should have been the last track.

Eve Of Destruction (Instrumental)
Nice listen, but i would follow up the one who said that it is interesting they've let the vocals from Nene in there. But as with the Hi Kevin instrumental, the album version with vocals gets the points.

Free Yourself (Instrumental)
Still wanna know where this came from. As for the song itself, i get the same feelings like with the vocaled version.
no idea, no idea

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