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The Chemical Brothers Studio...

Started by pg79, Jul 16, 2017, 10:11

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Hi all!

Was seeing these great images from the CB studios.
I know almost nothing about their studios... All I know is that Tom has a home studio where he plays with his synth before he eats in the morning, before being pulled out to eat with his family (sounds like when im in my office) :)

So got me wondering, is there some videos / Photos from their studio, other then the once i seen? (the resent ones released around Echoes)
Or are they totally secretive about this? I would love to see some if you guys have some cool images / videos, as i been listing to them since around 97 and never really seen where they make the music :)

-- Warning me rambling on...

Also i would like to say that i'm new to the forum and forgive me if this is a thing that has been talked about in here a million times before. Also.. I really enjoy reading the forums, i dont know why the hell i never knew about this forum before, the older forums i found was always hacked.. Im really enjoying the non facebook format, it brings back memories from when i was a member og the Brainkiller forums (mostly reading). I feel the whole forum thing need an revival, since facebook is not a good place for archiving stuff.

Over and out.

/ Poul

I think the pics you are talking about are probably all you are gonna see. Tom and Ed, esp Tom, have been fairly private over the years.

Like you, I would love to see more of the behind the scenes stuff.

I think that, the studio of Tom was located in Lewes, near Brighton. His studio is incredible.

The studio I believe is in his home which is nearer to Eastbourne ;D

london_dust_ explosion: The studio of the Chemical Brothers is located in Lewes, not Eastbourne.

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