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Started by Ben_j, Jul 18, 2015, 00:45

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Quote from: whirlygirl on Jan 11, 2024, 18:18
For those in the US, check Ride and the Charlatans - they are still touring here and the double bill is too good to miss out!
second this! it is a great tour and really revived my interest in the Charlatans.

Was back in DC for the first time in five years last week to visit friends. Every time when back, I make a point to see a random show at a DC / DMV area music venue. Went to to see Wild Party at DC9 last Sunday. DC9 is a cherished venue shows costing $15-20 for amazing low-mid level touring acts (seen Holy Fuck, Dungen there). The Wild Party sound was cheesy indie-rock pop...but it was really heartwarming and fun.

A key highlight was the final song (First Two Days With You). The singer went mid crowd with an acoustic guitar, told the house to kill the lights, and had everyone use their phone lights. I stood at the back marvelling at the raw voice and guitar surrounded by a solar system of lights. At the bridge, the rest of band on stage joined in with a hard section followed by a fade out to just a banjo and the acoustic guitar. It was a very intimate moment I've rarely felt in a "small" crowd (~150 people).

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That would have blown my mind. If I had a mind.
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