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Started by chemreact, Jul 09, 2015, 18:52

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Watched Avatar 2 in 4d. Never again. Felt like I got beat up by the end of the movie.

Quote from: Enjoyed on Feb 09, 2023, 01:11
I am currently watching, and very much loving, The Last Of Us. Never played the game so any references/change ups are completely lost on me. It's just solidly good great television - as I'm sure everyone keeps being told from various other sources.
I've played and loved the games and also recently started watching it, so far (3 episodes in) I really like it. 
My experience is also similar, both among my friends and from what I read online, the show is recommended pretty much universally, regardless whether they know the source material or not. Good to know that solid adaptations exist :)

Saw John Wick 4 earlier. My ears are still recovering. Not because Genesis by Justice was too loud on the soundtrack, just because of the non-stop sound of gunfire. Relentless!
I must be getting old! Mind you, I won't forget this one in a hurry. Probably the most memorable JW since the first one.

Has anyone invested time in From? It's a mystery based series with a horror feel, brought by the executive producers of Lost. I almost didn't watch because I felt Lost was a frustrating investment, but the pace of this one is much better. There are two seasons out and I really recommend it: we binged it in about week, and we just don't normally watch TV like that.

Other things I've enjoyed in the genre are Severance (best series ever), The Big Door Prize, and even 1899 (not as good as the others, but a decent watch). And of course, outside the genre, Andor is so incredible it should be shown to non-Star Wars fans at every opportunity. I also enjoy the Disney+ MCU stuff (and actually prefer them to the films at this point). Oh yeah, if you haven't heard of Sweet Tooth, that one's good. It's dystopian but presented as a kids' story, similar to how Stranger Things presents unusual themes with children.

And oh yeah, regarding Futurama...GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE!
Uh... everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?

So Oppenheimer is not a perfect movie, but it's a really damn good one. If you're annoyed by the over-saturation of big budget superhero movies, get out to the theaters and help support this movie.

Submarine came to UK Netflix a while ago and got the chance to watch it two weeks ago. Really good movie, it's got that quirky coming of age flair that gets me all excited about rewatching it, the soundtrack too! Not the best one that I have ever listened to (Human Traffic probably earns that title, or Napoleon Dynamite..?), but it's certainly notable and fits incredibly well with the movie as a whole. 

The use of muted, drab colours that reflect the weather and environment compared to the three primary colours symbolising the main characters' personalities is well done - I love me some good use of colours in a movie. 

The cinematography too! Incredible. My favourite in any movie that I've watched so far - I'm currently lacking words to convey what I'm thinking right now, but it really made me feel what the characters were feeling, especially during that New Year's scene. That was incredible. 

All in all, good movie! Highly recommend, especially if you love anything Richard Ayoade. I could definitely feel his creative genius seeping through.
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Quote from: cowboy on Aug 08, 2023, 11:47
Human Traffic probably earns that title
So you telling me that the Human Traffic soundtrack is better than the one for Blues Brothers, Judgement Night, Trainspotting, Into The Wild or Once?  :o .

So you telling on the official unofficial Chemical Brothers forum that there is a better movie score than Hanna?
no idea, no idea

Quote from: ThePumisher on Aug 08, 2023, 14:11
So you telling on the official unofficial Chemical Brothers forum that there is a better movie score than Hanna?
Immalet you finsh. But there is no way that Black Swan/Trespass Against US/Unreleased Now You See Me wasn't the best soundtrack of all time....

sarcasm over.

Saw Oppenheimer this weekend in 70mm (no IMAX). Agree with Bosco, the film wasn't perfect. Too many plot points jumping around with quick cuts. Recognize the intention may be to show the plot building energy similar to that of a nuclear explosion.

The experience as a whole was fantastic. Saw at older style cinema during a late 10:00pm showing with only 25 people were in the theatre. I make it a point to see Nolan films just for the sound design. Wasn't disappointed. The music felt like a character / plot point at times. Also one of the first times I recognized the surround sound nature of a film. There was a panning rain effect in the later third where the movement of the characters transitioning to an indoor space sounded amazing.  Was also quite enamored by the large red shipping container for the 70mm print they had in the lobby (clip below shows the size of the case and the print).

That would have blown my mind. If I had a mind.
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Quote from: ThePumisher on Aug 08, 2023, 14:11
So you telling me that the Human Traffic soundtrack is better than the one for Blues Brothers, Judgement Night, Trainspotting, Into The Wild or Once?  :o .

So you telling on the official unofficial Chemical Brothers forum that there is a better movie score than Hanna?
I've actually not watched Hanna yet nor listened to the whole soundtrack so...yes. 

Uh, I mean...I love Hanna. The soundtrack too, phrooar! Am buying ten thousand CD copies as I speak. Please do not revoke my Chemical sibling license  ::)
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Loving Ashoka except for the complete lack of a body count via Chopper.  An IG kills because it is programmed to but Chopper kills because he likes it.

Watched Saw X yesterday and it's by far the best since III.

No spoilers mentioned here for anyone wanting to go see it (which I highly recommend!) but bloody hell, the traps. They've upgraded in creativity with the traps and the links in has with the storyline in X is formidable and extremely well done and conveyed. The new characters, with Kramer now being the protagonist, are incredibly well done. Some fall short, no names mentioned in regards to the spoiler free promise (and also because this post will be 5 pages long), but they're still memorable at the end of the film.

But most importantly...THE RETURN OF BILLY! My favourite son looked great and had a somewhat humorous first scene. I actually own the two NECA dolls of Billy, the small and big one, so of course I brought them to the screening. Was also pleasantly surprised that there was a booth for photos to pretend you're in a Kramer trap, so of course I took it in with some photos.

Being a long time fan of the Saw franchise and thinking the last few were a bit naff (but still greatly enjoyed watching them because a Saw film is better than none!), I'm so incredibly pleased and happy that X goes back to it's roots. I is still going to be my favourite film of all time, with I, II and III battling it out with which one is going to be my favourite in the franchise, but I cannot recommend this installation enough. Shame that the UK didn't get any Billy popcorn buckets, but I will gladly settle for the photo boots ;p

"I'm fucking allergic to feathers, you cunts"

Watched Saw X for a second time today, just because I wanted to. Went to a different cinema to see if they had anything different for the movie, they had a massive poster near the room.

"I'm fucking allergic to feathers, you cunts"


I've watched this movie a ton back in the day, but just recently caught it again and have reaffirming love of how awesome it is.

Have any younger forum members (25 and younger) seen this? I honestly think this movie should be considered a modern cinema CLASSIC and essential viewing for school.

It's absolutely loaded with accessible metaphors, critical social commentary, and satire. I feel like it's a great starting point for appetizing your mind with healthy dose of relatively "challenging" cinema.
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Seen Dune part 2 today.
Guy working in imax turned up the volume to the max.
It was fantastic. 
I can hit cheeky lizards if I want!

The concept of a 2nd Beetlejuice has been teased for so long. We are about 20+ years too late for this project. 

Hoping this can be a redeemable sequel, but I'm not holding my breath...

it's interesting how 30-40 year old franchises are being revived. I never would have expected it.

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