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RIP Andrew Weatherall

Started by Wolkenkrabber, Feb 17, 2020, 15:27

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Guardian article. Points out he was one of the first to champion The Chems.

Yea though I walk through the valley and shadow of death
every day of my life,
I fear no evil for The Lord is with me.

Dang, rest in peace. He had his hands in so many places.

Damn. Horrible news. Dude had an awesome career and a great ear for interesting music. Involved in one of the most iconic British albums ever.

RIP Andrew, thanks for your work.

What a terrible, terrible loss.

Thank you for EVERYTHING, Mr. Weatherall.
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Never knew Mr. Weatherall was behind Sabres Of Paradise.

Sad news
no idea, no idea

One of my favourite of his touches...


National Public Radio did a piece on him and when talking about Screamadelica played Movin On Up...which he did not produce.  :/ 

Alex Patterson dedicated his weekly(?) show to him.  The first hour and 11 minutes and the last hour (except the last track?) are based on a mixtape Andrew made for Alex when they were neighbors in the late eighties or something.  The middle hour is a mix of Andrew's work.


For those interested (and I imagine it's damn near everyone here), I present the Weatherdrive:


a staggeringly comprehensive collection of every DJ set, live recording, and unreleased tape Andrew Weatherall ever made, besides those commercially released.

I started with a Heavenly Social set from 1994, and good lord is it banging.

19930305 Rhumba Edinburgh is also a great set and (very historically) features Song to the Siren, back when it was still the only Dust Brothers song around, and only Weatherall was playing it.
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