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Show me what you've got (Chems releases collections)

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Dude. You need to come to Portland at some point. I see CWU at Everyday Music for 5 bucks every time I visit. Not to mention a bunch of singles (you need Music:Response for your collection, no arguments).

I even saw PTB with the free sticker last week!!

There's a bunch of other record stores around too, and Chems stuff is usually pretty reasonably priced when it's used. Everyday Music has a 'skuff' section with cds for $2, all of which are totally playable too.

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I'm having a bit of a Chems catalog Sunday. Thought I would pull out everything and take a snap to share. Most of these are official releases that I've been collecting since 1998. I wanted to exclude anything that I have that's not official (i.e. Live album bootlegs and unofficial mixes). I did however include a white label of Africa (that's what's on the label). It holds a special place in my heart. It was given to me by a local DJ who use to work at a local record shop. I saw him one weekend at a rave spinning the track and the next week I went into the shop and asked him what it was. He handed me the record and I was like.... sweet, a white label Chems track. Later on I realized it was a fake. Including my vinyl in one pic, then the other pic is my CD, DVD, and VHS collection (realize the VHS is not official).


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