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Best B-Side, E.P.-track, non album track, behind the couch track, best-of album

Started by ThePumisher, Aug 23, 2015, 13:59

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Best B-Side, E.P.-track, non album track, behind the couch track, best-of album only track, digital download only track, album bonus track...

Dope Coil (Fourteenth Century Sky E.P.)
Her Jazz (Fourteenth Century Sky E.P.)
My Mercury Mouth (My Mercury Mouth E.P.)
If You Kling To Me I'll Klong To You (My Mercury Mouth E.P., Life Is Sweet single)
Dust-Up Beats [eventualy replaced version) (My Mercury Mouth E.P.)
Dust-Up Beats (My Mercury Mouth E.P. & Wipeout soundtrack)
Be That Thing (The Serious Road Trip compilation)
Let Me In Mate (Leave Home single)
Loops Of Fury (Loops Of Fury E.P.)
[The Best Part Of] Breaking Up (Loops Of Fury E.P.)
Buzz Tracks (Setting Sun single)
Prescription Beats (Block Rockin' Beats single)
Morning Lemon (Block Rockin' Beats single)
Not Another Drugstore (Elektrobank single)
These Beats Are Made For Breakin' (Elektrobank single)
Flashback (Hey Boy Hey Girl single)
Scale (Hey Boy Hey Girl single)
The Diamond Sky (Let Forever Be single)
Studio K (Let Forever Be single)
Freak Of The Week (Music:Response single)
Power Move (Out Of Control single)
Hot Acid Rhytm 1 (It Began In Afrika single)
Base 6 (Star Guitar single)
H.I.A. (Come With Us single & American E.P.)
Nude Night (The Golden Path single)
The Duke (Singles 93-03)
Otter Rock (Singles 93-03)
Delik (Singles 93-03)
Electronic Battle Weapon 7 [Acid Children]
Giant (Believe single)
Spring (Believe single)
Rize Up (Galvanize single)
Swiper (The Boxer single)
Electronic Battle Weapon 9
The Rock Drill (Jacob Epstein sculpture @ Tate Modern)
Silver Drizzle (b-sides vol.1)
Clip Kiss (Do It Again single)
No Need (Do It Again single)
Snooprah (The Salmon Dance single)
Seal (We Are The Night japan edition)
Keep My Composure (Heroes O.S.T.)
Keep My Composure (Brotherhood)
Don't Think (Further deluxe edition)
Pourquoi (Further iTunes USA version)
Theme For Velodrome (London Olympics 2012)
This Is Not A Game (The Hunger Games - Mockingjay PT1 O.S.T.)
Direct Buki (Born In The Echoes japan edition)
Let Us Build A City (Born In The Echoes deluxe edition)
Wo Ha (Born In The Echoes deluxe edition)
Enjoyed (Music Response EP)
The 50 or so copies with the "Wipeout mix" came first, then it was replaced by the other version for the rest.


Quote from: Joslyn on Aug 27, 2015, 20:36
Dust-up-beats (original mix) is the 'common' version but eventually replace by Dust-up-beats (Wipe Out mix) which newer but only 50 copies were pressed.I like the Wipe Out mix better whcih was used in their live sets in 1995 or 1997The original mix sounds like a Fatboy Slim remix of the Wipe Out version IMO

Yes, I've also thought the original sounds like a Fatboy remix. I like them both.
Uh... everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?

Morning Lemon
Nude Night
Electronic Battle Weapon 9
Silver Drizzle
Just get yourself high.

Diamond Sky
Don't Think
No Need
Nude Night

Are we not considering Superflash?
That would have blown my mind. If I had a mind.
"We going up!" and then pogo for the stars
"why yes, yes you are crazy and I love you for it!" Whirly

and the get up on it like this loops of fury version?

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