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Started by Csar, Nov 13, 2022, 12:18

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Some of you mentioned Bicep in some topics and were quite pleased with them, I recall. Just stumpled upon this live set by accident and I love what I hear, too! Great synth sounds, dreamy melodies and nice beats. Looks like another artist worth digging into the catalog of music.

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Bicep are fantastic, saw them at Brixton o2 last year and glastonbury this year. Pretty similar sets but great nonetheless - the glue / apricots finale is insane. Their new song, Water, is pretty good too!

The Just EP is great, they also have an 808 state remix of in yer face

One of their labelmates, swoose, is pretty similar and i've been enjoying them too recently.
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They've played the friday guest mix on Mary Ann Hobbs show today on 6 Music

Belfast-born/London-based duo Bicep bring the vibes for this week's Friday guest mix ahead of their headline gigs at Alexandra Palace.

no idea, no idea

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