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Started by Ben_j, Sep 18, 2015, 22:12

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Quote from: Ben_j on May 25, 2022, 14:00
...I think it is plugged to the distortion pedal above, so that would mean they ditched the Juno 106 for Chemical Beats in favor of the SH-01A (the "JU" on the patch cable going into the SH seems to indicate so) ?

i have complicated feelings about this. <3 juno 106 <3
Eight or over.

Quote from: Ben_j on May 25, 2022, 14:00
they ditched the Juno 106 for Chemical Beats in favor of the SH-01A
Yeah, pedal was always placed on top left corner of Juno.
They also ditched Jupiter-6, and Opsix placed instead of Mono/Poly (ahhh, one of my favs from Korg ❤).

Quote from: Ben_j on May 25, 2022, 14:00
also the Dave Smith Prophet Rev2 next to the SFX. Again, could fill in for the poly parts the Juno used to play.
They're using it in tour from 2019, year before they used Korg Minilogue in that place.
Hi Kevin!

Quote from: Explud on May 26, 2022, 14:13

They're using it in tour from 2019, year before they used Korg Minilogue in that place.
Yeah I went back to older photos and it was there before.


Anyway, the Juno isn't going anywhere, thankfully 😊 !

Should I have posted this in Samples & Trainspotting? Or perhaps started a new thread? Dunno, but this is more than just samples, it's 303s and Juno 106s and music software.

He's covered the album version of Song of Life. I think it's a shame he doesn't also cover the pre-album 12" original. That has a wonderful "fanfare" synth riff that didn't make it onto the album version. You can hear the original 12" version on YouTube here - if you're in the right territory. But it's blocked in my territory. It would really help if the official Leftfield channel would upload that original 12". Also, check out this guy's facial expressions at 7:35!

Incidentally someone in the YT comments mentioned that the breathing sound is probably sampled from Tour de France. And our guy replies and agrees. I too had that thought - waaaay back when Leftism came out.

And oh look, he's done a Chems track as well. I don't think he does quite as well with this one but that's perhaps because there's just so much Chemical creativity going on here. Some more great expressions from him here circa 19:17.

BTW he addresses that LFO sound towards the end of TSU at around 29 mins. He mentions that WhoSampled lists it as being from Doves' Cedar Room. Funny thing about that. Shortly after I posted this comment on the forum in 2019, that Doves 'sample' got listed on WhoSampled - almost as though a lurker or member here saw my comment and then whacked it onto WhoSampled. In truth I don't know if it's a direct sample. If it's not, then that may be why he struggles to get the Doves 'sample' to sound the same.
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Anyone seen promoted posts for this on social media? Only $30!! ...It's a scam.

The product is real (I think) but it's at least $499 and only available through CHOMPI's Kickstarter page. And the product hasn't come out yet.

I've been having a bit of a dilemma and maybe this thread can help.

Ive been producing music for a few years now and looking to get a live setup going with hardware to hopefully get some gigs. I was looking at getting some sort of a sampler so I can write basslines/synth loops etc on my DAW and play them back on the hardware, possibly using drums from a tr8s. I bought the Maschine Mk3 but obviously didnt do enough research as I want to go fully dawless and you need a laptop to use it. Maschine + is next on the research list.

The one thing that I need is a unit that timestretches samples rather than just play them back. I want to be able to fire off loops and not worry about the bpm of the original loop, I want it to play in time with whatever the master BPM is.
So basically load samples into it in bars rather than tempo.
Does anyone know (1) what I am talking about and (2) what sampler I should be looking out for? I think the Pioneer Toraiz SP16 does it but they're not in production anymore and I have been looking for a second hand one for about a year now and no luck.

I was close to buying an MPC One until the seller told me that they're tricky to operate, and he was due to play a live show one Saturday, had his whole set planned out and a few days beforehand the OS updated and everything had to be completely reworked and recoded. Sounded like a nightmare.
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