Back With Another One of Those Block Rockin' Beats

The Orb, Metro, Chicago, 09/27/15

Started by Born In Planet Dust, Sep 23, 2015, 03:39

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The new album is fucking fantastic, I've never seen Dr. Lx live, and this is the last stop of the door.  I will be there with at least one of my friends from Cincinnati.  Anyone else going?  White Noise?  Bosco?  Android? 

Anyone?  Anyone?  Buehler? 

I'm still thinking about it but it's probably a no... I'd like to but I've spent enough money this summer already! If I can nail down a job soon, maybe. It sounds like a damn good night. If it were on Saturday I think it would be a definite yes, but Sunday... man I've got classes in the morning Monday I can't miss.
Never for money, always for love.

Are you like, right off 65 and is it reopened (If it is convenient enough and if you aren't on a seriously short time constraint, ride could be taken care of)?  We're just going for the night (we think), as we are trying to do low budget.  We could end up partying longer there, but it isn't planned as such.  It's $25 maybe with the fees. 

Sorry guys, I'm a no go. Got family coming in from out of town.

Pretty bummed since I wanted to shoot the shit about our glorious night earlier this month. Everything felt kind of rushed once we left the trailer...

Also, by the time the show lets up The Cubs-Pirates night game should be finishing. It's going to be packed in Wrigleyville, so just a forewarning.

Just PM'd you, Born.
Never for money, always for love.

Quote from: Bosco on Sep 23, 2015, 14:43

Also, by the time the show lets up The Cubs-Pirates night game should be finishing. It's going to be packed in Wrigleyville, so just a forewarning.

so closest available parking should be US Cellular Field?  Sweet!

Random Orb Chicago Trip Observations:

It was kind of funny to see Wrigleyville bar patrons go from devastating sadness to gleeful excitement from The Bears sorry ass loss to The Cubs pwning the Pirates.

This was my fourth show at The Metro (first in over 13 years) and I somehow never grasped just how intimate a venue it is.

Jesus shit, it was loud.  In a good way, but daaaaaaaaaaaaay ummmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Other than a few points (a couple (?) tracks from Moonbuilding, Perpetual Dawn (Ultrabass version), Clouds, Huge Pulsating Brain and (I think) Blue Room sans Jah Wabble's bassline), I have no idea what in the hell they were playing.  This is an artist that has always gone back and forth and back again between samples, but they were jamming out like a hippie band and really altering tracks (like, a shit ton more than live recordings from the early to mid nineties). 

The show was pretty much a snapshot of the aesthetic of their entire career.  Spacey, contemplative, playful, and sometimes downright silly.

At one point, one of my best friends says to me, "Dude, they're fucking with us."  I responded, "Dude, they've been fucking with us for the last 25 years!"

White Noise, I hope you got to class in time and learned the value of drinking assloads of coffee. 
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Not a bad way to spend a Sunday night. An Orb show and then a lunar eclipse.

Great timing for an Orb show like you said - I don't have enough fingers to count the number of songs The Orb have written about the moon.  And a blast of a show. Great to watch Fehlmann and Patterson pretty much just having a laugh on stage, locking into a groove, stepping back and dancing to it, because it's awesome. I didn't recognize half the stuff they were playing on stage, it was literally a 2.5 hour Orb jam where they occasionally decided to only use samples from one song.  One of the more beautiful versions of Little Fluffy Clouds I've heard, and when they finally dropped into the full dance mix of (...) Huge Ever Growing Pulsating Brain (...), after jamming with a beat and tweaking of the Loving U sample for like 6 minutes, I went nuts and I think everyone else did too. I got a bit lost in the middle section of the show, the lack of anything recognizable and the pretty relentless beat threw me off for a while, but the show began solid and ended solid, and there was never a jam that went on for a minute too long. Great time, good people too - a mix of younger indieheads and old ravers reliving past glories. Even one dude in full indian-raver garb, dominating the dancefloor with whiteman warehouse dancing for the entire length of the supporting set. And this was first time I've ever been approached about my 1988 Underneath The Radar Underworld shirt, so you know it was a good crowd!

And damn good vibes with the Cubbies game ending 4-0 just two blocks down from the concert! This is our year?

Utterly worth the late night out, even though I screwed up on nearly all of my classes the following Monday. Thanks for dragging me along Brian. Those leftover pizza slices I left in the car are yours!
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Never for money, always for love.

Did the Orb give you pizza, too?
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alas, The Orb did not give us pizza.  But they did slice up everyone's brain like sushi.  Or something. 

Round 2, Wed, June 2nd, Detroit, at a venue with a capacity of 400...This is being seriously considered...

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