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Attacks in Paris

Started by Wolkenkrabber, Nov 13, 2015, 22:10

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What the hell.  More tragic stuff.
My condolences.
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Very scary stuff

Eagles of Death Metal at that concert venue.

Parisians, stay safe.

They're killing everyone at the gig one by one, according to France 24.  This is beyond horrible.

I feel absolutely sick... :(
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Man, this is absolutely fucking terrible, I'm watching the news, and it's making me mad. My condolences to all the affected on this attacks.

Just sickening ! I'm really sad for those who lost their life when they were just enjoying a peaceful evening.

This is up there. Like, Star Guitar up there.

Speakless. Bunch of assholes. At least 120 dead.

Just woke up to this awful news, what's wrong with people?
Hope Ben is ok...
I can hit cheeky lizards if I want!

A very sad day. My thoughts go out to all our French friends on this forum and  the French nation.

I spent a week in France this summer and fell in love with the country, a beautiful place, and great people.  I just can't comprehend why this happens.

In nature there are neither rewards nor punishment- there are consequences

This is horrible.
The whole world should be careful now and ready liquidate this scourge.
Hi Kevin!

I am ok, I was not in Paris yesterday, I'm spending the weekend at my parents. I'm horrified by what is happening. Everyone I know is all right but I had a friend at the Eagles of Death Metal concert, she is all right. I went to so many gigs at the Bataclan, had so many drinks in the neighborhood where everything happened, this feels all way too close to home...

We are glad you are OK Ben, and other French forumites who have connected through Facebook are safe as well. Hopefully others here who aren't connected to us through other social means are OK. I can only imagine such unspeakable horrors if they were to happen in my city - my heart goes out to the people of France.
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

It's good to hear you are ok, Ben
I don't know how to embed twitter, but here you go, french spirit is unquenchable
I so hope this madness will stop...
I can hit cheeky lizards if I want!

God this is so fucking sad.

I wish nothing but strength, love and clarity for the people of France.

This kid melted my heart.
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Both father and son in that clip were just <3

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Now is the time we discover it was all just a big scam with the sole purpose of making the English people sing the Marseillaise at Wembley Stadium

can we change the topic name for this? Its kinda.........wrong?

Changed it.

My love and heart goes out to all French people and forumites! This is so insanely pointless and absurd that I can't express my feelings with words. Why can't humans live together in peace. It's beyond me.
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