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2015 - North Coast Music festival - chicago

Started by chemreact, Jun 30, 2015, 17:39

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"You cannot eat money, oh no. You cannot eat money, oh no. When the last tree has fallen and the rivers are poisoned, you cannot eat money, oh no."
— Aurora (The Seed)

Yeah that was a

pretty fun night yeaaah

Didn't meet anyone in particular
*cough* hello Tom and Ad *cough*
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

All I can keep doing is making my own Loops of Fury "whaaaaaaaaaa" noise
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

No, I am full Wo Ha
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Btw the Trifecta in my Saturday review was achieved, although it was a Quadfecta.

Also for anyone who thought I was crazy, this was the drum sample I was talking about for Elektrobank:

Listen to the two drum samples behind the main one. There is first the panning hi hats drums and another drum that is basically one hit that is sometimes played at different half step pitch intervals. It is like a weird tambourine shake that is pitched down. Like di di didididididi di di

Now listen to Life Is Sweet Remix 1 from this point on

First the pitch shift drum hit comes in then the panning hi hats one along with the main elektrobank drums we all know and love. Once you get the pitch shift drum in your head you won't ever miss it in elektrobank.

Also, you were right White Noise, the Harpoon track I played you was this Harpoon (http://www.discogs.com/artist/62121-Harpoon)
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i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote from: androidgeoff on Sep 07, 2015, 13:42

Once you get the pitch shift drum in your head you won't ever miss it in elektrobank.

They are super fun to play along with on a ride cymbal.

Look at me poking my head in with my Cavs hat that someone did not like.
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!


Umm where the hell were you guys??? My phone died on me (I was obviously not prepared for this show) right after I sent that text in the group text. I was looking around to where to front of sound booth at 312 right when Atmosphere was almost getting done and didn't find any of you. I asked a random person who looked like Bosco that is he from the forums but he just gave me a weird look. I admit I didn't take enough time to look for you guys cuz I arrived like 30 minutes before the show and spent that time in the Heineken tent getting drunk before the show to techno and shirtless guys bumping into me. Also taking so many selfies with my crew.

So as Atmosphere was getting done with their mediocre performance Surrender to the void started playing. Lmao I kept shouting shut the fuck up towards the atmosphere stage. How rude of them to interrupt the gods of the summer like that. What can I say about the actual performance that hasn't been said before? I was luckily amongst some hippies and two couples infront of me who spent most time making out with each other and grinding on each other than blocking the view by needlessly recording the entire show. So I'm thankful for that. And the cloud of marijuana smoke that was around me was also pretty sweet. My clothes still reek of that. No complaints.

The lasers of HBHG are phenomenal. I kept reaching for them and reaching for them and reaching for them and finally I touched them ( or did I ?)  the smoke machine was being used abundantly to create and a magical atmosphere.
Do it again >> GO is really nice! They should have just extended GO and taken out DIA, there is no need to play that track now imo. That really woke the crowd up I think.
SIFSD made me dance for real and so did Chemical Beats. Chemical Beats really is my favorite track live, everytime I've heard it, it just kills it on the floor.there is no other chem song that sounds better than this masterpiece. I'll go far to say that it was the highlight of the set for me.
Star guitar is okay, I can live without it. and Saturate too, I'm over it.
Setting sun needs to be longer and the build up to that is awesome. I was singing along to it with a random dude and I think he might have put his arm around me during it cuz he thought we were sharing a genuine moment of brotherly love or some shit.
Sunshine Underground ( where are the bubbling water visuals????) and Escape velocity are simply amazing and I was loosing my shit at this moment. Still looking around to catch a glimpse of forum people but all I saw was a sea of stoned faces half smiling half confused and wondering how and why did they get there
Future,I'll see you there. OMG what an orgasm of synths and beats. This track live is chemical to the core and sounds like it should have been on dig your own hole. Love it!
the suddenly Believe comes in from nowhere almost like an uninvited guest but not unwelcomed (lmao does that make sense?) again the buildup is immense ( trying to use words other than awesome and amazing but that's what it was!) a group of us started shouting "woo" during it  but that soon died cuz you know buildup is like a minute and a half long ....
don't know when but somewhere in there robots showed up with their limbs missing.  LOL welcome to North Coast Music Festival with small ass stages guys!
I want that disco ball from block rockin beats in my room guys. How do I make it happen??

Again, its a bummer that I missed the forum meet up but I was looking around for you guys a lot and nobody looked familiar. But I'm sure yall had an awesome time!!!

here's me(right ) and my sister and cousin (pre glint picture. no known record of actual glint thanks to phone batteries)

we were towards the left in the frontish

INCREDIBLE SHOW! Fourth time seeing them. This time was a bit mired by some assholes trying to start trouble and harassing people with their cell phone light/camera.

Still danced my ass off. Incredible set. Had a fantastic time as always. Bros get better every time I see them.

haha I walked past some guys flashing camera lights but I just thought they were using it as a bat signal and hollering at their other "homies" from a distance

Where do I start? Where do I begin?

Well, my adventure started out leaving my home at 5PM. Knowing Whitenoise was running behind in his schedule, we made plans for me to pick him up at his hostel. Timing was perfect because as I arrived in Chicago, I got confirmation that Whitenoise was ready for pickup. Our introduction was short and to the point, but as the night would go on you knew we would warm up to each other.

We drove a mile west to some free parking that I know about in the area. There was bass blaring in the distance as we walked a few blocks to the festival.  Our excitement was growing.

We reached the ticket gate where we resolved a ticket issue (I'm sure Whitenoise will go more into detail about this :P) and proceeded through the gates. Security was a joke, in a convenient way. But in result, it was a blazer's wet dream.  The whole festival was in a thick haze. (No problem with smoking w33d, just was hilariously prevalent.)

My first move was to get in touch with Androidgeoff. I had met him previously at the same exact festival to see the Chems back in 2010. We caught up, and he introduced his girlfriend and a friend he made earlier in the festival who had came all the way from Colombia, Jose.  We lingered about and caught a few acts, Portugal. The Man and then Tycho. Through this time I attempted to contact Chemreact aka Chemicalreaction to firm up a meeting spot for The Chems. Unfortunately, he had to some issues with his phone and we ultimately failed to meet up with him.

I departed Tycho on my own to check in on some merchandise and to hang around the 312 stage (main stage) to see if Tom, Adam, and Errol would make an early appearance. (I KNOW. STALKER/CREEPER ALERT! IM SORRY!!!) My intuition was correct, as I spotted Tom and Adam adjusting controls at the FoH (sound booth).  I briefly had a conversation with a guy from Taiwan. Tony (I believe), and this was his first Chemical Brother show. As I finished my chat with Tony, another person approached me, (must have overheard my previous conversation), Danelf84 ( again, if I remember correctly). We met previously at the Chicago Riviera Theater show in 07.  It was great knowing so many people where making the trip from out of country and out of state.

Androidgeoff found his way to me and I alluded him to our friends in the FoH. He garnered Tom's attention and got a wave back. And just as we turn Errol cruises past us. Again, like the unashamed twat he is (Cavs hat and all) Androidgeoff waves him down.  Errol makes mention how he wants to meetup with Whitenoise (not present at that certain moment), and tells us to hang around at the same area after the show.

The crowd thickens in anticipation for the Chemical Brothers, and Whitenoise, Androidgeoff's girlfriend and Jose reunite with us. 

Junior Parker hums throughout the crowd as Atmosphere's set closes out. Whitenoise is at the ready, for well... I'll let him share that if he wants...

More Importantly I was ready! I couldn't wait to hear the new material that I've been depriving myself of. And then it  begins...

Hey Girl Hey Boy:  I love this as a starter. I think it does a better job than Galvanize as a crowd pumper. It put the crowd in a great mood with all the fog and lasers shooting everywhere.

EML Ritual:  another perfectly placed track. What a freaking awesome visual. Such a wicked track live.

Do It Again:  man, I dislike this song as a stand alone studio track, but the live version gets me everytime. Loved the retouch on the visuals. The outlining of the dancing figures are more static looking.

Go: did not play out how I thought it would. Apparently it starts with the Edge of Control Dub version, which I haven't familiarized myself with enough yet, and I found it a little off putting, but OMG the way Go finishes.... HOLY FUCK!!!!  that was amazing. I will be playing that over and over on youtube for sure.

Swoon: a crowd pleaser for sure. All the youngins sneaking in their little makeout sessions on this one. Did they round off the ending of this song. It didn't seem as strong of a segue into Star Guitar that I remember.

Star Guitar: This is my Jam. I always show up for my song. I'm like the conductor, playing the air drums shooting air synths. I cannot be contained. Thank you for continually playing this. Fantastic new version.

Sometimes I Feel So Deserted: The visual reminds me of the claymation music video from the band Tool, that I saw at too young of an age. Freaky. The song doesn't do much for me even in live setting unfortunately. I did like the progressive teasing of Chemical Beats.

Chemical Beats/Acidchildren: When is Chemical Beats a bad idea? NEVER! DAT BASS!!!!!!!!!!!!! And then that incredible segue to Acidchildren with the House nation vocal! Which leads into...

Setting Sun/Out of Control: Man this is bloody brilliant! Fuck me this is awesome. I totally thought they skipped Out of Control until after the set Whitenoise corrected me and said they played it with Setting Sun. This is a keeper for sure!

Saturate: This song will always remind me of Ed. The crowd loves the playful nature of this track. Paint balls are fun. Was totally shocked it didn't lead into Believe!

Elektrobank: HAHA oh wow. So many OMG's on this one. Welcome back Elektrobank! How I love thee!

I'll See You There: Well, if they didn't own your soul before this point of the show, they raped you here.  My face, it's MELLLLLLTTTTTTINNNNNNGGGG!!!!!! What absolutely mental visuals!

Believe: Never leave me you beautiful build! YOU'RE ALL MY CHILDREN NOW!!!! WOOOOSHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Sunshine Underground:

Escape Velocity: Back to back epics, my god! Golden Path Lyrics are awesome within this beast! Whitenoise geeking out next to me!  :))

Don't Think/Under The Influence:  Well this is the robots everyone has an avatar of! Oh wow, like they couldn't give us more to this point. My goodness. The best version of Under the Influence, hands down! Crowd went nuts! And yes, I did pass the acid test.

Galvanize/Music: Response: Oh that visual! Oh that live version! Oh that Music: Response tease!

Block Rockin' Beats: Gliterball beats are gonna work it out. I wish they would finish on a different note, but how can I complain the crowd ate it up!

I haven't been this active at a concert in some time. The new tracks were spectacularly awesome, particularly "Go" and "I'll See You There". After the night we just had it's gonna be extremely difficult to wait out for another visit in Chicago. I'm salivating for more already.

We did are partings with the various people we met along the night. And collected together as a forum unit. There was an added unfamiliar face in our group, which I would find out is Mr. Cincinnati, Born in Planet Dust! He had a Trainspotting moment, which I'll let him share if he should feel like divulging... :))

And then there was Life Is Sweet (Remix 2) part of the night...

Some random stuff:

Bourbon County Stout is CHOICE

There is rumor of Radiate having an alternate techno version

Love Is All

Errol... just Errol
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That picture!  ;D It's so pleasant to look at it. I'm so happy for you guys!
So, there are rumors of a technolized version of Radiate? Damn you, don't tease us!
Apparently nobody dared to ask whether they would evenutally get back to that damn Problem/ Question track. That would have been my major question!
"You cannot eat money, oh no. You cannot eat money, oh no. When the last tree has fallen and the rivers are poisoned, you cannot eat money, oh no."
— Aurora (The Seed)

You met them! Yes! This is awesome! :music
Hi Kevin!

Such awesomeness in that picture ! A techno version of Radiate ? I really want to hear that !



I don't think I would be able to pull off something like that at LA without getting tackled down and pepper sprayed by security then transferred over to PD and tested for bath salts.  :-[

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