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2015 - North Coast Music festival - chicago

Started by chemreact, Jun 30, 2015, 17:39

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can you buy the tickets on the day of? I have a cousin who is still undecided and will let me know tomorrow so was wondering if you can buy it online on the day or at the gate??
also is this for all ages? like can little kids come? lol they are not mine btw

They quietly opened up for all ages. So I think you can expose little children to EML Ritual and terrifying giant clowns without any problem.

Can't find anything on the site on getting tickets at gate, but you can buy day of online. Saturday tickets are still available right now.

On a waaay
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On a waaay

Alright gents and gents. Today is the day.

A review of Saturday:

Fucking Kiddie Kandi Krowd came out in full force. I was a curmudgeon until they all took whatever it was they took and got sucked into the 630 stage from 6:15 until the end of the night. Any "eh deh emmm omg" Kiddie trope you can think of, they showed it. Even if you had a good 6 feet between you and another person, they would just bump into the both of you while sarcastically (?) slurring "soooooorrryyyyyyyyyy," I don't know if it was actually sarcasm, I think they just have no empathy and think saying sorry absolves them of wrongdoing. Fuck it, that sounds awesome. I can be a dick and still not have any shame. They are doing it right. I have judged them all incorrectly my whole life. The standard of existence is...


Jauz was like every other future house/dubstep/trap DJ. He talked a lot, would control the crowd, not with music, but constant reminders of "I WANT YOU TO SCREEEAM. 1 2 3 4!!!!" This is a tell tale sign that the DJ has no plans of using music to guide the crowd. But man... THE DROPS.  I LOVE DROPS. Eye drops. Pops, locks, and drops. When a spy gets a backstab on a med at 95% uber and makes him DROPS. Drops are my life and soul and without them, I would never be able to enjoy music. So, thank you Jauz for fulfilling my need for endless 32 beat buildups that go into DROPS. Breakdowns are cool, because I know that the end of them there will be a juicy drop waiting to reward me for my 5 months of EDM music listening.

After a good 20 minutes of Jauz, I went over to see The Main Squeeze. Instruments, singing, musicianship? What the fuck is that shit? Why would I want to watch a group that sounds like Led Zep, with a talented black singer, rock out and play enjoyable music when I could listen TO DROPS? I really enjoyed these guys. It was hot with the sun out, but I did not care, because this was a legitimate performance. I also got to touch the main singer when he walked through the crowd a few hours later. I GOT TO TOUCH WALE AND THE MAIN SQUEEZE. This means that I have to touch Tom, today, to make the trifecta (ERROL MAKE IT HAPPEN). The Triple Crown. The Coup d'Raisin D'extra. OK, maybe that is two beer names smushed together, but it still stands.

Booka Shade was great. I don't even have much to write since I just danced the whole time. Great flow and one of their synths sounded like the beginning of a SIFSD remix or something, so I got hyped. It did not end up being one.

We then went to Shpongle, who I was quite excited for. Weird, quirky, and with a nice ambiance, Shpongle seemed like the guy for me. I always wanted to marry for money, but I will settle on cool visuals, flange effects, and percussive beats. Unfortunately, I made it through about half an hour of his set before being completely unsettled at the amount of teenagers strung out and not in control. Basically, it was North Coast 2011 all over again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it when the demons come out and you get the little tiny men who suddenly start jumping up and down go "HOOO YEAAAH HERE WE GOOOOOO! I CAN DO ANYTHING WOOOOOOOOOOO" and you know they got something cut with something else.

Shpongle, I will just have to rewatch your live show on youtube. You can thank your fans for ruining yesterday. The debate is whether his fans were the sober or inebriated versions of their selves. It was at this point in the day where I missed Friday's crowd the most. BUT THIS WAS THE TIPPING POINT. I would not let the Kookie Krisp Kiddies ruin my day. There were hours left to go and they would probably peak and trough within an hour and head home for a night of posting on Instagram™. My decision was to follow and go to....

CHROMEO! I guess I thought Chromeo was another artist, because I was prepared for more DROPS. No, they were that Daft Punky group that I once heard. Chromeo nailed it perfectly. Aside from a good 4 or 5 minutes of trying to get the crowd to go on each other's shoulders to match some song of their's, there were few lulls. I have to give a lot of props to the two gentlemen on stage, they showed a lot of talent. I stayed for the whole set after hearing the end of Galactic/Macy Gray's. This was my favorite set of the whole weekend, so far.

Then, I had to check out Porter Robinson, as everyone is like, "he is the best EDM act ever." Here is a helpful hint: he is not. I felt the music was the equivalent to a cake with half its weight as frosting, topped with a 2 foot tall mound of cotton candy. "Wow, so much sugar, I love sugar!" at first, turning to, "I have diabetes, can we turn the sugar down?" Sugar is a metaphor for bass, in case you have the brain capacity of a King K. Rood EDM Kiddie.

I watched the second half of the Roots. I enjoyed it. Nothing spectacular or mind blowing, but it was a very fun show. They did a Mario Theme remix thing that was surprising. The drummer killed it. I got a good spot for watching D'Angelo. I was quite excited. It hit 8:46 PM, The Roots were about to finish their last song. The setup at the 312 stage looked complete. All was well.




I got dragged over to Aoki, because D'Angelo was super late. I had to watch Aoki. I was left with watching Aoki, because nobody wanted to check out Wave Racer and D'Angelo wasn't there. Aoki is a fucking joke. People have to be watching him ironically. That has to be the reason. Maybe the EDM Kiddies are smarter than I am? They might "get" something that I don't. Steve Aoli spent more time with gimmicks than music. Perhaps the gimmicks give them increased EDM Kred? WAIT. I FIGURED IT OUT....

It is 2002. Dub is becoming dubstep. Skream and Benga are rising in power. Their eloquence in the world of bassy grooves and tribal beats eschew the fact that 13 year olds should not be music stars. But, they become a great dub duo. The fans need to show their appreciation, but more importantly, their Kred. So how did one get Kred at this time? Which clubs you been to? When you go to them? You see so and so? You talk to so and so after their set?

Well, this Kred eventually became easy to acquire. As more artists and more clubs began dubbing it out, there were more opportunities to gain Kred. Kred became inflated. Kred became worthless. Everyone had a statistically similar amount of Kred. Kred needed to get away from its original standard. Now we move into Kred V2.

Kred V2, known simply as Kred, was based on what dubplates you heard. Fans scoured the clubs for the latest dubplates and dub rips. "I heard a Cloud 9 dub remix of the Kandy Land board game theme song. What have you heard recently?" "I heard a dubplate that was recorded onto the dubplate AS Mount Kimbie played it. HE BROUGHT A VINYL LATHE TO THE SHOW" Kred, at this point, rewarded the attentive, not just those who showed up. There was a second level of effort. But, as all types of currency goes, Kred eventually became inflated. People figured out how to cheat the system. "What if I make my own dubplates and play them to my friends at shows and we can all elevate our Kred, together?" Here we see the flaw in Kred V2. Over time, Kred V2 needed an overhaul.

This is where Kred V3, also known as Kred, ExKredsion, and SKreddex, comes in. Any time you scored a Kred with Kred V3, it was custom to shout, "Datsi-Kred added to my Kreddection!" This Kred was all about the drop. Now, one would think, if inflation was the issue of Kred V2, would the same flaw exist in Kred V3? Well, technically yes, but what if you use the flaw as the purpose for the Kred? Just like in World of Warcraft, use the carrot and stick to make people strive for the next level. It was all about getting millions of Kreds and having an intense competition where, if you miss one opportunity for Mad Kred™, you will lose your standings on the Totem Kred. The Totem Kred, made up of the heads of the Gods Of Drops (your Dropulous, I am not worthy to Kred in your presence), would update, live, as to who had the most Kred. The Totem Kred reached up to the atmosphere, so all could see. Kred V3 was highly successful. It lasted the most out of all Kreds. It survived for a good 6 years. This was the Golden Age of Kred. But, all Golden Ages must come to an end. Kred V3 became stale. It needed new life. The fear was a Kred Krash. Kred could not afford to go into a Kredession.

This is where Steve Aoki comes in.

An Asian man, with long hair and a moustache that is comprised of 2 irregularly long hairs, walks on stage. He has just awoken from a long booze-filled sleep. He has a slight headache and is having a difficult time figuring out what two circular spinny things are in front of him. Why are they separated by this thing with colors and twisty knobs? What does this big button that says MIC on it do? He presses it while saying, "woah!" He hears the "woah!" through the speakers, louder than he could possibly ever speak. "This is pretty cool! How are you doing CHICAGOOOOO?" The crowd reacts positively. This makes the man feel accomplished. He thinks to himself, "they cheered when I spoke. Therefore, that must be what I was born to do!" He talks to the crowd, their hands continue stretching up to the sky. No, it isn't the 5th installment of the Fantastic Four Box Office Bombs, it is the power of the one, the only....


The Garlic of the Aoli is his impeccable need to have the Krowd scream and chant his own name. The Aoli Mayo is his Kreamy voice, Klipping through the speakers that Karress our not-hearing-protected Aoli-Listening-Kanals. And what about the YolkAoli? The true ingredient of the Aoli Experience? The Gimmicks™. Pictures, getting up on stage, dancing on the table that houses the box with the MIC button. You get to experience a man discover things as if he were an infant. And what is more rewarding than watching learning? Watching Steve Aoli learn basic human function. I am blessed to have gained a good 4 Kreds from watching Aoli. I can forever have these Kreds, knowing that I sat through The Gimmicks™.

Eventually D'Angelo came on and the set was cool, but I was pretty miffed about the last part of my night. Then I went home.
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG enjoy the hell outta today, you guys!  ;D ;D :music :music
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Dammed bus is late. Hope I get there in time for Future Rock.

I bought at ticket for a 2:15 bus that seemingly doesn't exist anymore. Waiting on the 3:45 and hoping they'll let me on.

Gee thanks Greyhound.

Quote from: WhiteNoise on Sep 06, 2015, 19:18

I bought at ticket for a 2:15 bus that seemingly doesn't exist anymore. Waiting on the 3:45 and hoping they'll let me on.

Gee thanks Greyhound.

Damn. They had better let you on.
This is all I hear about Greyhound, besides the price.
I hope you get there soon.

Every time I have used Greyhound, it was delayed an hour to an hour and a half. I LOVE PUNCTUALITY!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

On the bus finally, 2:30 later! So much for Future Rock but at least Tycho and The Chems are still do-able!

Quote from: androidgeoff on Sep 06, 2015, 16:37

Saturday review
You, fine gentleman, you made my fecking day! I want to thank you for your incredibly fantastic Saturday review! Your satirical take on the EDM scene is worth a Pulitzer Prize. Your name should be worshiped, your words praised! I bow down before the grand AndroidGe-tEDM-the-fuck-Off!
"You cannot eat money, oh no. You cannot eat money, oh no. When the last tree has fallen and the rivers are poisoned, you cannot eat money, oh no."

Quote from: WhiteNoise on Sep 06, 2015, 20:47

On the bus finally, 2:30 later! So much for Future Rock but at least Tycho and The Chems are still do-able!
So, you Got Up On It Like This?
"You cannot eat money, oh no. You cannot eat money, oh no. When the last tree has fallen and the rivers are poisoned, you cannot eat money, oh no."

You crazy kids have an awesome night. Looking forward to the post show reviews!  Give it up for the forumites of the north coast!
This is up there. Like, Star Guitar up there.

Before or after? My bet's on after! Or before!
"You cannot eat money, oh no. You cannot eat money, oh no. When the last tree has fallen and the rivers are poisoned, you cannot eat money, oh no."

Great pic to finish the night!

So...how was it?
This is up there. Like, Star Guitar up there.

I smell of w33d, bourbon county stout,  and the loveliest smell of glint one can have. (and yes you can smell glint)

quite simply, a night never to be forgotten.

Thank you Errol, Tom and Adam.

More to come...
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