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The 90's

Started by ThePumisher, Mar 22, 2017, 09:30

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What are your favourite 90's moments? Music, Movies, TV Shows, Clubs, Concerts, Drugs, Holidays, School, Children - everything is possible.

(ok, i just started the topic to post this meme)
no idea, no idea

Never for money, always for love.

The highlight for me was America's introduction to 'electronica' in the mid-90s. I was already a fan of alternative electronic music, techno, and house, but discovering this wave of artists such as The Chemical Brothers, Prodigy, Fatboy Slim, Orbital, Underworld and the bunch forever changed the course of my life.

This occurred in my mid-20s, shortly after I developed my true self as a kinder human being and at about the time I discovered the benefits of really good weed. Good times, good times...

Uh... everything's perfectly all right now. We're fine. We're all fine here now, thank you. How are you?

When I was a teenager I used to sneak out of the house with friends. Essentially, we'd spend the night at each other's houses, then we would take our parents' cars in the dead of night without asking, and take off joyriding around our quiet little suburb.

We also didn't have a license.

We also were very, very stoned.

But that was the thrill. That was the point. Yes, we could get arrested; yes, we could get in trouble with our parents; but we always got away with it. And that was the fun--it was also a game.

It was a ritual of sorts, and one where each of us shared a common understanding: This was how we defined our freedom. These were our rules, and this was our time. Fuck it--we don't even know what caution is, let alone enough to throw it into the wind. Plus there was no wind; there were only billowing clouds of bong smoke.

It was on one of these nights that we had picked up one of our friends and gone back to his house after managing to get a monster pile of fast food from Carl's Jr. We had just all shared a joint in the car and god damn--we were fucking high.

I wasn't driving. I wasn't even there, really. I was up in the god damn clouds. I was laying on my friend's bed and he mentions something about putting on some music.

It was weird sounding at first. This repetitive noise that turned into kind of a buzzing.

But then that GOD. DAMN. BASS.

That god damn bass and that god damn mix of brilliant samples coming together in an awesome, mind-blowing pastiche. Hard edged guitar sounds with razor synth lines, coming from a place that was dangerous and dark.

It sounded like a demonic clown smiling. And I loved it. But what I wasn't prepared for was the break down.

All of the hard edges fell away and this beautiful female voice, out of nowhere, just starts belting out these angelic notes. This contrast to the darkness almost like a yin and a yang swirling together in synchronicity. All of it building up to this incredible peak, the vocals screaming in your ear as the darkness creeps back up, rising and rising to this incredible crescendo. Then finally, just as you think you can't take any more of it, the chorus drops back in.


My love for prodigy was cemented that night. That was one of the best nights I ever had out on the town with no rules, no teachers, no supervisors, no worries. The freedom we found in those days, those nights, they were carried by the soundtrack of Liam Howlett. Because even though we weren't in an abandoned warehouse, a secluded field, an illegal basement, we were still raving our fucking heads off high as a kite driving around without licenses.

That was the 90s for me. Also on the soundtrack to these nights were Marilyn Manson, Smashing Pumpkins, Underworld, Orbital, and of course, the Chemical Brothers. The Hackers Soundtrack was a frequent favorite, actually. And what a fucking soundtrack, man.

I remember the 90s for the music, but also discovery through movies. Lost Highway and Trainspotting were instrumental for me, the latter capturing one's attempt to live one's youth by searching for meaning while trudging through debauchery, and how I related to that through my own addictions to, of all things, video games. I remember playing the original Starcraft, and letting my own personal hygiene lapse for days at a time because I was in the midst of trying to "climb the ladder."

Choose life. I don't know if that was quite accurate--I was given the life of a middle-upper class white suburbanite. Ideal, really, but somehow I chose to be depressed as fuck.

I don't know why--I guess it was the lack of definition, and the feeling like I was trapped in this small-ish town with nothing much to do and nothing to really feel a part of. I felt disconnected.

So what were my favorite moments? My favorite moments were defying the construct of suburban life and finding myself somewhere in between the hours of one and four in the morning, blasting the Prodigy out the windows of our car that we illegally operated while high on illegal substances. My favorite moments were finding something greater in what was captured on film, some outlet to feel like there was some path to something else out there. My favorite moments were certainly about rebellion, and enjoying that soundtrack, in the many ways that soundtrack shifted over the years. From the mischievous sounds of our electronic friends, to the depressing sounds of Trent Reznor, to the rebellious sounds of any raw guitar and voice that said FUCK YOU, which usually meant the Irresponsible Hate Anthem. 1996, baby.

So much nostalgia intertwined with regret. Regret in that I didn't choose to make more of the time. Although, arguably, spending time with friends, perhaps I did.

I think I did.

So I'll just leave this here, because it seems to just about sum up what it was all about for me. Or, at least, what I choose to remember it being all about.

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Just this: Batman The Animated Series, and the Animaniacs.

I loved the 90's, I miss the 90's. My childhood memories are something I cherish deeply, and everyday I miss the people and events that surrounded them.

I could spill my life story similar to Madpooter, but I won't. No, that will be saved for one of those drunken campfire nights, and even then, it might still take some massaging to get it out of me .

I just tip my hat to those who remember the good times from that decade.


and for what it's worth, I still have turquoise and purple colored items in my possession. In my day, you were King of the Playground if you had a Charlotte Hornets Starter jacket.

what I remember the most from 90's is Nirvana and air raid sirens (we had a war for better part of 90's here), that was some interesting combination :)
I can hit cheeky lizards if I want!

^ Beat that, folks. While some of us were wearing paisley shirts and trippin out to Scremadelica, Sandelic was listening to air raid sirens. Puts life into perspective a bit.

Come to think of it, I did actually listen to sirens in the 90's but mostly courtesy of Mantronix and the Chems. Probably doesn't count.

Pum shoots and he scores for forum topic never thought of before!

The 90s was the hording of all interests in the fastest time possible. Fixation on Dell computers(fixed 2 of them) Playstation, the last standing of upright arcade games, Offspring, Alice in Chains, Prodigy,Chems playing in the car etc! Mostly with friends and hitting clubs around LA but also skipping college alot, and driving to random places to smoke and drink and discuss what were gonna do 10 or 20 years from now. No worries in the economy, parents loved you no matter what, and the only mobile devices i had at the time were my pager and my cd walkman. Simpsons, Married with Children and Xfiles were my top shows. Pulp Fiction ,Friday,and Independence Day were my screen faves.

Edit:I have no pics of me in the 90's! Going thru albums.
This is up there. Like, Star Guitar up there.

Sandelic, you're referring to Yugoslav War, correct?

I can't help but notice the OP has yet to chime in.

Hi Pumisher, you look like you've got something to say. Do You?

Quote from: Bosco on Mar 24, 2017, 22:08

Hi Pumisher, you look like you've got something to say. Do You?

Quote from: ThePumisher on Mar 22, 2017, 09:30

(ok, i just started the topic to post this meme)
no idea, no idea

Quote from: Bosco on Mar 24, 2017, 22:08

Sandelic, you're referring to Yugoslav War, correct?

Yeah... Sorry for that, I was trying to make a joke out of it, albeit a dark one, didn't think how it would sound to you guys.
Later part of 90's was really enjoyable here, we started to go out, discovered clubs, drugs, surrender was out, ok computer was out, it was great! :)
I can hit cheeky lizards if I want!

All the best things that happened in my life happened in the 90's. That's not to say life hasn't been good since then, but those years were golden for me.

I graduated high school in the 90's.

I got to study in England for a semester in the 90's.

I moved out on my own for the first time in the 90's.

I had a job I absolutely adored in the 90's.

I nearly died in the 90's, and thus learned the best lesson in gratitude in the 90's.

I fell in love for the first time in the 90's.

I married my best friend in the 90's.

My son was born in the 90's.

I would do the 90's again and would not do a single thing differently.
Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Liquid Fucking Television.

By accident I came across this song yesterday while asking Siri to play music by the band 'Jawbreaker':

This is not 'Jawbreaker' but I was reminded of 3 things:

1. Damn, I forgot about this song, I haven't heard it in a long time. My weekend is now made.

2. Did they just say "I eat poop"?

3. Rebecca Gayheart was an angel.

Seeing The Smashing Pumpkins in 10 days on their home turf. No full reunion , we got Iha back but they've exiled D'arcy. I'm hearing great things about the new tour.

Being born in 1996, i don't remember much from the 90's (of course i know a lot, but this knowledge is acquired later), just some tracks like this:
Meow meow meow
Sound sound sound

Quote from: Bosco on Aug 03, 2018, 19:17

Seeing The Smashing Pumpkins in 10 days on their home turf. No full reunion , we got Iha back but they've exiled D'arcy. I'm hearing great things about the new tour.

Saw them in Louisville a few weeks ago.  They were great.

Quote from: UltimatePelmeni on Aug 03, 2018, 20:14

Being born in 1996, i don't remember much from the 90's (of course i know a lot, but this knowledge is acquired later), just some tracks like this:

Сука, какое же говнище и пиздец.
Причем помню в детстве его.
Не надо больше такое тут, а то забаню, и навсегда.

Cincerely yours, The ChemBase Team. =)
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