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The Prodigy (official thread)

Started by ThePumisher, Jul 23, 2015, 18:00

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Better than last 2 albums

Like the acid elements

Prodigy made perfect EDM festival circuit album. Just like Beck's Colors, I do not agree with the philosophy, but gotta give credit

Very taxing on ears, intense ear fatigue by 2nd to last song.

Like that they did some throwback jumpup dnb
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Quote from: Ben_j on Nov 02, 2018, 23:28

The NIN "album" really is an EP. Come on, 6 tracks, that should be called an EP. But I prefer 6 great tracks than 9 ok tracks and a piece of crap

I love Nine Inch Nails, but speaking of an artist that regurgitates sounds, Trent is guilty as sin. Bad Witch was good. Not The Actual Events seems to remake their earlier sound, Pretty Hate Machine to With Teeth. Add Violence seems to remake their later sound, like Year Zero, Hesitation Marks, How To Destroy Angels project. Bad Witch was good, but a pretty bleak EP. I really got to be in a bummer of a mood to listen to it or want to purposely depress myself. It's a good EP. But honestly, I got enough of that already in my life. Plus Bad Witch... you want to talk about noisy and abrasive.

The Prodigy record is fun, energetic, and uplifting. I am quite enjoying it. When I wanna slice my wrists, I'll throw on Bad Witch.

Honestly don't understand the vitriol from you guys. Album sounds fine, with a few nice moments like Geoff has mentioned.

Not sure why some of you have such astronomical standards for this band. If there is a better album to be made working within the genres they have pigeonholed themselves in, by all means please produce this supposed superior album, and share with us.

I agree with Neorev the album Is fun and energetic. However, I will add, I doubt I return to listen to it beyond this weekend.

P.S. Born In the Echos was great you fucks

Well, here's my opinion.

1. Need Some1.
The only thing i can say about it is that the day it was released i listened to it for a few times to taste it. And then after some hours i realised that i just forgot the main synth riff.

2. Light Up the Sky
It's close to be ok.

3. We Live Forever
Good stuff. Could be better without main vocals. Sorry, Maxim :(

4. No Tourists
I love the first 26 seconds of the song.

5. Fight Fire with Fire
I don't like Prodigy's collaborations. Ibiza was shit. Same here.

6. Timebomb Zone
I LOVE IT! If the vocal was more like in Warrior's Dance or Rhythm Bomb I would love it more.

7. Champions of London
Why the fuck are they the champions of London when they're from Essex?

8. Boom Boom Tap is disgusting.

9. Resonate is shit.

10. Give Me a Signal
Give me an instrumental version, can you hear me? The synths are awesome. But it has vocals, so just go back to step 5.
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Sound sound sound

they are the champions of london because it rhymes with undone

whereas the champions of essex are champions of no sex

they just dont want to be associated with incels
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

It seems The Prodigy are not done. There's been hints of more new music to come. In a recent interview, Liam said they had something coming in 2019 but said he couldn't say more. Shahin Badar, who is known for her vocals during the bridge of Smack My Bitch Up, posted an image of herself recording something for them at Engine Earz studio. Engine Earz recorded Brother Culture's vocals used on the album and mastered No Tourists. When Shahin was asked about her vocals not showing up on the album, her response was "Next album." Another article mentions Dizzee Rascal working on a track with Liam. If Liam drops another album in just a year, I'd be frigging amazed, perhaps an EP in 2019. He also keeps bringing up doing a Dirtchamber Sessions Volume Two. 2020 will also mark their 30th anniversary.

Dirtchamber 2 would be fantastic. The trifecta of Brothers Gonna Work it out, on the floor, and dirtchamber are regular plays on my commute

still waiting for someone to point at me when i start mouthing

that green jesus
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Songs I love
We Live Forever
The best of old and new on this album. The "lyrics" are bad, though, which is made worse by the two times repetition of the refrain.
Timebomb Zone
Getting great vibes from this, has a Jericho, Break and Enter feel to it yet remaining it's own thing

Songs I like
No Tourists
Could have been a good opener
Give Me a Signal
You almost can never go wrong with an acid bassline
Light Up the Sky
Again, the lyrics are meh and the vocals overly Mickey Mouse-ished

Songs that are ok
Need Some1
I like the glass-breaking and vocal sample and the guitar riff is nice
Fight Fire With Fire
Still a little too bland, torturing one chord for like 4 mins is getting boring after a while
I keep hearing reso-niet, even though it's a little reminiscent of Warriors Dance which I love, there's something about it that's not quite for me

Songs that are tedious
Champions of London
The high-pitched vocals irritate me and I don't much like the DnB beat)
Boom Boom Tap
Ugh. I believe I get Liam's message of it being an anti-EDM-big-room-scene statement, but man, do I not like it in the context of the album (and in general). This one would make much more sense to me as a (very short) skit type of filler leading into a good standalone track or as b-side extra track if necessary.

Overall this is an ok-ish album. However, it doesn't really excite me the way Invaders Must Die did back in the day. Maybe it has something to do with the album's flow too. Why Liam chose Need Some1 as the opener is beyond me. No Tourists, ironically the title track, would have been so much better. It's got somewhat of a build-up, something I like about engaging albums: a good introduction into the record that makes you wanting more (like he did with all his previous records). Need Some1 should have been placed somewhere in the middle of it all.
Lastly, 37 minutes for an album is way too short. Invaders was already a short album with its 46 minutes, but damn, this is almost 10 minutes shorter.
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Quote from: Csar on Nov 06, 2018, 13:28

Songs I love
We Live Forever
Timebomb Zone

High five!
Meow meow meow
Sound sound sound

Interview with Liam on radio X
"You cannot eat money, oh no. You cannot eat money, oh no. When the last tree has fallen and the rivers are poisoned, you cannot eat money, oh no."

Favorite to least favorite :

Timebomb Zone
Champions of London
We Live Forever
No Tourists
Light Up The Sky
Fight Fire with Fire
Need Some1
Give me a signal
Boom Boom Tap

BTW, a little off topic but my unpopular opinion: AONO is their best album (after The Fat Of The Land of course)

Quote from: Ben_j on Nov 09, 2018, 21:29

BTW, a little off topic but my unpopular opinion: AONO is their best album (after The Fat Of The Land of course)
I personally wouldn't say it's their best album, but it's an overly underrated and great record for sure. There are lots of beautiful tracks (funny thing, I just finished listening to some a few mintues ago) and only a few tracks that had good concepts but weren't fully flashed out or simply too long. I never understood why he got such bad rap for AONO. It was different for sure but it's one of the more playful and facetted records like Jilted. I even liked Shoot Down, even though I preferred the original live version Trigger which he should have put on it instead imo.

My favorites are Hotride, Girls (and more girl if we cound b-sides of that era too), The Way It Is, Action Radar, and Spitfire.

Quote from: neorev on Nov 09, 2018, 20:01

#1 album in the UK. That makes seven #1's.
Haha, funny, I was looking for some charts on that today too but could find anything (billboard 200). Do you have link?
"You cannot eat money, oh no. You cannot eat money, oh no. When the last tree has fallen and the rivers are poisoned, you cannot eat money, oh no."

Quote from: Ben_j on Nov 09, 2018, 21:29

BTW, a little off topic but my unpopular opinion: AONO is their best album (after The Fat Of The Land of course)

Have to agree. It used to be one of 3 albums I would listen to extensively when doing homework at school. I was always super productive and it made doing homework way more fun than it ought to be.

AONO is their weakest. It's 50/50 for me. It has some great tracks like Girls, Get Up Get Off, Wake Up Call, & Hotride, but the rest of the tracks feel like they are missing something. The last third of the album is where it really starts to drag. Think if Liam actually took it live first, he would have made some much needed changes.

Spitfire '05 Edit is an improvement on the album version. I do not like (You'll Be) Under My Wheels on the album, but I really like Under My Wheels (Remix) included on the Their Law: The Singles 1990-2005 bonus disc. The bonus disc also has The Way It Is (Live Remix), which is slightly better than the album version, but still feels like a song that never peaks. It relies too heavily on the Thriller riff and feels like it never has a hook. I love Trigger, but do not like Shoot Down. Gun, which is a promo CD version that isin between of Trigger and Shoot Down, is much better than Shoot Down from the album. Memphis Bells is ehhh, like the bridge synth, but feels like it meanders. Action Radar ain't bad if I'm honest. Medusa's Path is alright. Album tracks Phoenix, The Way It Is, & You'll Be Under My Wheels are forgettable.

But yeah, AONO is their weakest. I preferred the leftover tracks Warning, Razor, & Back 2 Skool that came out later on. I actually prefer Baby's Got A Temper and wish we got to hear the scrspped AONO V1 tracks.

I did like some of the AONO b-sides like Who U Foolin and More Girls.

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Quote from: Csar on Nov 09, 2018, 21:51

Haha, funny, I was looking for some charts on that today too but could find anything (billboard 200). Do you have link?


'The Prodigy are a unique British band': Dance veterans score seventh No.1 album

The band also thanked fans and announced it on their social media...

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i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Waiting for the Düsseldorf Show to start. Must be a couple of minutes.
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Nice! Toxic and I will be attending the Amsterdam show coming Sunday

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