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The Prodigy (official thread)

Started by ThePumisher, Jul 23, 2015, 18:00

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Spoiler alert

First Setlist/Concert was short as fuck, but that was expected because every show of them i see before was mostly less than 90min. This time it was near 90min.
Breathe was the intro and it is a nice intro for my opinion. Because of the alcohol I forgot most of the setlist after breathe, but I can say that the oldest song they've played was "Everybody is in the place", which is was the only song from Experience. Oh, and they played the Pendulum Remix of Voodoo People.
no idea, no idea

You got Everybody in the Place?

I am really jealous, the time I saw them felt so uninspired (and was only like a 70 min setlist)
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote from: androidgeoff on Dec 06, 2018, 02:35

and was only like a 70 min setlist
I'm not completely sure about the 90 minutes, could be less, but def more than 70 minutes


From Experience:
Everybody In The Place

From Music:
No Good
Voodoo People (mixed with the Pendulum-Remix)

From The Fat:
Breathe (was the opening track, good choice imo)

From Invaders:
Run With The Wolves

From Enemy:

From Tourist:
Need Some 1
Light Up The Sky
We Live Forever
No Tourist
Champions Of London

Songs i'm not sure about because of beer: Resonate, Rok-Weiler & Get Your Fight On

They definitely haven't played a song from AONO, and sadly not Temper (

Could be that they've played a couple of songs i just don't remember
no idea, no idea


We basically got an Invaders Must Die and The Day Is My Enemy singles setlist it was so bad

At one point they went "what do you want to hear??!!" and this guy a few people to the left of me went "SOMETHING GOOD" it was the funniest thing ever.





Wild Frontier




The Day Is My Enemy

Voodoo People

Get Your Fight On

Run With the Wolves

Invaders Must Die

Smack My Bitch Up

Their Law
(with Gun Reprise intro)
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote from: androidgeoff on Dec 06, 2018, 11:00
We basically got an Invaders Must Die and The Day Is My Enemy singles setlist it was so bad

At one point they went "what do you want to hear??!!" and this guy a few people to the left of me went "SOMETHING GOOD" it was the funniest thing ever.

I can so much relate. This is the exact same reason why I skipped the 2015 live show even though it was 70km from my place. Back then I just checked the setlists from days earlier and (disliking "Days of My Enemy") decided not to go. My friend (with who I went for The Prodigy also in 2009) went there and confirmed that it sucked.

But... I regret not going :D
Can you imagine ..... an extra-terrestrial disc jockey? Like, listening to radio waves from space? It was unbelievable!

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Quote from: ThePumisher on Dec 06, 2018, 11:46

I got the remedy...


Yeah they played Riot Fest that year.

But despite the prodigy sucking, I got to see echo and the bunnymen, iggy pop, and motorhead so it was a great year
i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quote from: Joslyn on Dec 05, 2018, 22:57

Nice! Toxic and I will be attending the Amsterdam show coming Sunday

how was it?
no idea, no idea


i love chem bros omg!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear US fans, The Prodigy will be playing festivals across America in May 2019! So far they announced...

May 3rd - Welcome To Rockville - Jacksonville, Florida
May 10th - Epicenter - Rockingham, North Carolina
May 17th or 18th - Sonic Temple - Columbus, Ohio
May 19th - Chicago Open Air - Bridgeview, Illinois

They're working on more dates ;)

Quote from: ThePumisher on Dec 10, 2018, 23:44

how was it?

Well...meh OK.

To elaborate (cause Toxic and I had a big discussion afterward):
I am a bit jealous of the peeps who've been to the Frankfurt gig where they played 7 (!!!) of the 10 tracks of the new No Tourists album. We got 6, in total 20 were played in about 80 minutes. Which is the big problem with a Prodigy gig nowadays.
So a Prodigy gig is something you go to once a year (hopefully) as a sort of anger management course. It's like Limb Bizkit's "Break Stuff". Every aggression, every BS at work, every spouse problem can be expressed on the dancefloor, in the moshpit. You get bruised, wet (sweat or beer), a broken phone or what not, and you will leave smiling.
The trouble is all the tracks have lost there impact. Do you remember hearing Out of space for the first time? Or Voodoo People or Firestarter? Even the songs (see how I say "songs", remember that) from the IMD era onward even had an impact on me when the first were released and the first time I heard them live. It was a new experience.
Now my biggest complain of the No Tourist album is the length. With 10 songs in 34 minutes, I called this album "a good collection of live tracks". They could have easily played 8 tracks and still have had an hour of live show to fill.
And there lies the problem of the latest Prodigy concerts. Liam doesn't play tracks anymore, Everything he plays is cut short. Even the 3,5 minute No Tourists songs. Opener Breathe; loses a verse, Firestarter; loses a verse, TDIME; cut short, Need Some1; cut short (yeah, it's possible), even the beloved Timebomb Zone as the latest single as the final track; cut short.
It's so frigging cool to hear Everybody in the place and/or Fire. And yes, of course, those don't have the same impact being almost 30-year-old songs but roll with it. Play them out brave and proud. And we need they big come down tracks. Remember Skylined? Or Climbatize? Seen the Weather Experience footage on the "Worlds of fire" bluray? Give the crowd that "recharge with hands in the air" moment.
But you see it happen from IMD onward. The band is making songs: Omen, Colours, Wolves, Wild Frontier, Roadblox, Nasty, Light up the sky, We live forever. I don't hate or dislike these but if you play this kind of songs or shortened versions of earlier tracks the show becomes song, setup for next, song, setup for next, song. And in the latest songs, especially from the No Tourists album, almost all tracks got 20 seconds beats followed by a 40 seconds drop. It's running, pausing, running pausing constantly.
Now I didn't dislike the show. It was a good Prodigy gig with over half of the new album played. And there still is no other band as energetic as The Prodigy. Just lose Wolves and play Firestarter full on, or better, the other way around. Don't do the sit down during Smack anymore, let people experience that drop in their own way. (In all fairness Maxim said: "I am not going to say a word" and there was no sit down where I was standing.)
I remember Liam saying in an old interview (TFOTL, AONA era) that The Prodigy is an act, not a band. But nowadays with the live guitar, drums and Keith and Maxim being vocalists (I don't dare say "singers"), I guess they are a band. And I'm sad to say one that does not work for me anymore at festivals or arenas. But with the next club tour, I'll be there again. And when Liam one day will kill the band I have high hopes there could be a 70 minutes album with 8 atmospheric tracks.

that was the most intense summary of a prodigy gig i've ever read
no idea, no idea

I've seen Prodigy twice, back in 2005 (Coachella) and 2006 (dodgy rave in San Bernardino).

Both times they played Poison. I just looked that up on

I just wanted to post that to brag to androidgeoff.

Guys I've done a special showcase on Saturday @ Kniteforce Radio, totally dedicated to the new album "No Tourists", while mixing tunes from that alongside oldies/remixes & fan bootlegs plus hosted some exclusive chat with a few fans all around the globe giving their perspective about the new album.

Full Recording is available here:


Turns out we also got Fire (the single version, not the sunrise version from experience)

But we don't got Out Of Space like EVERYONE ELSE!  >:(
no idea, no idea

New York seems to love The Prodigy as Terminal 5 sells out quick. So Prodge repaid that love by adding a second night at Terminal 5!

I have some old video footage here of the Prodigy live at Transmusicales in 1994 with a little interview

February 23rd marked the 10th anniversary of Invaders Must Die. A little video I made to celebrate...

Limited Edition 10th Anniversary Clear Heavyweight Double LP

Only 1000 copies...

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