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2015 - Apple Music Festival - Roundhouse - London - September 24th

Started by Bosco, Sep 02, 2015, 19:44

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                                 ;D          The Chems  show  2015  is  one  hell  of a  beast         ;D
" Everybody  jumpin out of their mind  "

              ;D      The  visual  mash up of  Setting Sun  &   Out of Control  was  cool  as  fuck       ;D
" Everybody  jumpin out of their mind  "

A fan just tweeted this. Haha. Apple festival with no Apple Watch.  :))

Thanks to all of you, thanks to the chat this really felt like a live experience. Not as intense as actually being there, but there was certainly the feeling of sharing the joy with other people  :)

And what a fucking epic show they delivered! The recording is definitely on par with Open Air Fields Festival 2002 and Concourse 2007  ;D

                        :music        The  show  sounded  amazing  through my  headphones          :music

" Everybody  jumpin out of their mind  "

Of course my stupid job made me miss this but oh my god, can't wait to devote some quality time listening to this set!

Hahaha at Tom not having an Apple watch! :D
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               ???        i  still  can't make out  what  those  robots  say  ?        ???
" Everybody  jumpin out of their mind  "

Quote from: Fine Time on Sep 24, 2015, 22:35

               ???        i  still  can't make out  what  those  robots  say  ?        ???
"Did I pass the acid test?"

Lyrics from the Chemical Brothers' song "The Test"

Oh .. of course , .. it sounds obvious now , but i  just wasn't  hearing it  & connecting  it  with The Test  ,  thanks Stefan.
" Everybody  jumpin out of their mind  "

Did I Pass... the Acid Test!
Did I pass... the Acid Test!
I love all the mish-mashing they've done with vocals from one song with the music from another song:

  • Snow+S2A
  • Setting Sun + OoC
  • Under the Influence/Don't Think + The Test
  • Escape Velocity + The Golden Path
Did I pass... the acid test!? The Future... I'll see you there!

Here's a treat for you all  ;)

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Shoot, I knew this was coming up but forgot it was today. Probably in class while it happened. Ah well, diving in now (on my phone, since I'm a tad hesitant about upgrading to the new iTunes).
Also I think I can guess at the answer based on Ben_j's post above, but just wanted to make sure: we've properly archived this, right? It seems like a special gig and iTunes won't be hosting it forever.
(And thanks Stefan, it never occurred to me that those robot voices could be vocodered Richard Ashcroft. Even in person I was like "'we are... ???... yes it is'????" And that's one of my favorite Chems songs!)
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I need the Miguel version of the album

Quote from: Ben_j on Sep 24, 2015, 23:09

Here's a treat for you all  ;)

Why oh why am I in America! Gutted I miss this, but this vid will suffice. Thank you Ben for those pretty graphics of TPPR.
This is up there. Like, Star Guitar up there.

It appears you can already rewatch it, and I just went off my unlimited data plan like a damn fool!

Quote from: Ben_j on Sep 24, 2015, 23:09

Here's a treat for you all  ;)


I know I just saw T & A a few weeks ago in NYC but... I already miss them cause of this. Didn't catch the live stream cause of research papers and classes (Ed, You're not alone). May get a chance tomorrow. I will consider that my birthday present (30!) considering I'll drowning in paper writing on Sunday.

Also, I miss the Roundhouse. After moshing to Squarepusher and tripping out to Despacio, all this hits in the feels. And considering it was a 10 minute bus from where I used to live and 5 minute walk to Brewdog...THE FEELS!!!
That would have blown my mind. If I had a mind.
"We going up!" and then pogo for the stars
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The's almost too clean. Loving this tonight, wheeeeee!! Video production is amazing.
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