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Past Live Footage (94-05)

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nterview about frying eggs off Ed's chest and Canada, and The Private Psychedelic Reel live from Glastonbury 1997!
find it astonishing there just having a casual chat in the middle of a field with no security in a normal festifull goers place and yet the could had no phones with them. wish i had a time machine and can go back in time and say yo sign my t-shirt lots gonna happen in 10 years
tom, ed can i meet you? please?

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A guy named Thomas Shallert has had this Chems concert from Bern 1999 uploaded to Youtube since 2013, and I've just now stumbled across it thanks to the Brotherhood Facebook group. It's in perfect soundboard quality and definitely something we haven't seen before - the intro to Music: Response is something else!

his channel for the rest of the tracks
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Awesome, thanks for the tip!
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I think this has been posted before. Robots and classic OOC -> Elektrobank from 1999:

It's either a very short performance of OOC or they've edited it... I think they've edited the audio around 2:45 but I can't tell how the video skips.

The visual setup there is eerily similar to Daft Punk's from Alive 1997
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Found a full fan recording of Get Yourself High from 04!


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