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General Bullshit Chat (pt 2)

Started by whirlygirl, Jul 08, 2015, 01:11

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This guy has been retweeting "thoughts and prayers" tweets from politicians along with how much money the NRA gives them.

So......250 forum members a year later! Not bad!

This is up there. Like, Star Guitar up there.

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no idea, no idea

Uk made a big error, methinks
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Well, I'm not amused. Populists on the rise? This is rather disturbing.
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There are two things that show how wrong this descision was.

The first one is a retweet on Ed's twitter,saying "Seventy five percent of people under the age of 25 voted Remain. What a betrayal of them".
The other one is that a lot of people seriously have no idea what it means to leave the EU. Statistics from Google say that asking the question "What happens if we leave the EU" today rises about 2450% (!). But asking that question today is a bit late, isn't it?

And there's also the possibility of a break up of the UK with Scotland and Northern Ireland trying to stay in the EU.
no idea, no idea

I was going to start a new "Brexit" thread, but TBH seeing that title each time I come here would probably just depress me.
I'm in a curious position - As an Irishman I was actually entitled to vote yesterday, and I voted for the UK to remain. However I'm pissing off some English people who think I need to STFU about their country. Well, maybe they have a point.

I do worry about Northern Ireland (although I'm not from there). This could lead to instability, where people within the province will argue about whether they should be in Europe (they all voted YES to that yesterday) or be ruled by the UK. I can only hope that the UK manages to use Ireland (North & South) as a gateway to the EU market (There is free movement between all parts of Ireland and the UK which pre-dates the EU, they don't even ask for your passport if you take the ferry). That might turn it into a postive story for Ireland and it's relationship with the UK (fingers and toes crossed).

Having said all that, I do understand why immigration is an issue for those who voted to Leave. The London Underground can barely cope with the numbers these days, rents/house prices are sky high in London because London is full. People can barely afford to get by. Now, rent/property prices may drop. However the economy will drop too, who knows where that will leave us. The overwhelming majority of London voted to remain incidentally, so I guess they're worried about the economy more than housing (and have a broadminded attitude towards "foreigners").

Some people have admitted on the TV news today that although they voted "leave", they didn't think it would actually happen (well there is such a thing as a protest vote). I'd be curious to see if all those "oh shit we actually did it?!?" voters got a second chance, what the result would be. But I guess we'll never know.

The Remain camp should have made one of those disaster movies like Threads which showed what would happen in the event of a nuclear war. It might have put a few more brains in gear about what would/will happen in the event of a "Brexit".

I see today that Farage admitted to lying about key points in Brexit debate, I wonder how many bought this lie...
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Pre-vote but a relevant read. This will probably mean complications for Tom and Ed touring Europe.

I don't come close to understanding all the details behind this vote, but I'm getting a general feeling the country has no idea what it just got into, and is about to find out... Good luck guys.
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Those twitters from skycraper - have no words for this
no idea, no idea

With apparently so many people voting to leave but thinking "remain will win anyway" and "my voice won't count anyway", they should rather Google how voting works.

So I was at Glastonbury when they announced the result. Full of a significant majority of Remain voters. No one could quite believe it. Especially as all the bookies had Remain with much better odds of winning (and they're usually pretty spot on).

I did a lot of reading and listening and discussing and arguing and more listening before I cast my vote. It really wasn't as clear cut as a lot of people seemed to think it was. There were and are some very good reasons for leaving the EU, and although I voted to remain (because I believe there are just as many good reasons to stay and the uncertainty of a Britain outside the EU was a stupid gamble) I completely respect the people who voted to leave...

.. Except that a very very very small percentage of them actually voted for those good reasons.
Most of them voted because they were tricked into thinking (/ stupid enough to believe) that leaving the EU would stop immigration, save money and stick it to big corporations. None of that was true. So now there are lots of those idiots like Adam who (unfortunately) deserved to vote, but were not responsible with it, and have to live with the animosity of the remain voters and the youth.
There are a lot of remain voters who, quite honestly, are only angry because of who the Brexit campaign represents (Farage, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson) and don't really have a good reason for being so angry that we wont be in the EU anymore. But the truth of it all is that we don't really know the full extent of what will happen and we probably wont for years to come. And leave or remain, there still would have been some big changes (though immigration is unlikely to be one any time soon).

Brexit leads to Americome

Chemical Brothers are touring here forever now
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Brexit leads to Americome
Make America Great Britain again?
no idea, no idea

I love new forum background photos, good job, guys!
I can hit cheeky lizards if I want!

Cheers, mate =)
I had this idea for a long time.
Didn't know that it will fit so cool. My favs are SG, DIA and the Robot!
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