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Eve Of Destruction

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Probably time for another topic for a single album track. Right guys & gals?

There's some speculation over whether this will end up as a single. The tease of the video/visuals being the main hint. I think we're all hoping for a remix or two at the very least.

I thought this could be a good place to share any videos of the 'original' version that was played out in the DJ sets too. I actually never heard that version so I'm keen to listen to the progression.

I also wanted to express my love for the track, my expectation to see it opening the new live shows, and the following story:

My wife doesn't like it when I go over the top and sing lyrics constantly at her. Nor does she enjoy it when I respond to a question with lyrics instead of a real answer. So "Eve of Destruction" has become a bit of a jokey point of contention between us. I've also been scorned a couple of times for starting the album when we're trying to get ready to leave the house (because she knows I'll end up getting distracted and bopping instead of getting my shit together).
We own a community ceramics studio here in Portland and I have a 10day long playlist of nice vibe music that plays pretty solidly during our open hours. There's some treats in there, a few mellower Chems tracks, Groove Armada, Lemon Jelly, FKJ, lots of instrumental hip hop - it's honestly a great playlist.
So, fast forward to yesterday evening. The sun is out. People are in the space working on their stuff. I head to the office to make some music changes. I queue up Eve of Destruction. Just the first 4 lines play, then I skip to the next track in the studio playlist.
Out in the space I hear my wife... "What happened?"
I come out and respond, "I was just kidding, I know you probably didn't want me to play it"
She shoots back, "I didn't think you cared".
"I can go and put it back on if you want?"
Her reply... "I mean... Sacrifice is justified, y'know?"

I high five her, give her a kiss and go play Eve of Destruction loudly in our studio  8)

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you're a funny guy, you know that, right!? And you're wife's a real good sport!

The track is fecking dope. At first, I was a little concerned about it after I had listened to some of those clips (and conviently forgot about them when the album dropped) and thought, "meh, sounds a bit flat." But man, when the snare drums started pounding leading right into that funky as hell of a bassline I was jumping in my seat.
You wanna know my biggest disappointment for the live sets 2019? You wanna know? I tell you what my biggest disappointment is: I AM FUCKING NOT THERE!

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I love the track as well. A great way to kick off the music exploration that is No Geography. I think it was stated in a forum review that the track sounds like a DJ set of the Chems. That's a pretty good way to sum it up. There are so many elements. For me, it sounds like the track they would have made prior to Exit Planet Dust if they had the ability to jump into a time machine and head to the year 2019 and then come back and report what they know. What they now know is "Eve of Destruction."

Also, I would be remiss if I didn't say that my 2 and half year old daughter is walking around the house saying "Eve of Destruction".... priceless.

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My Fav from the Album it's just great
I love that House Feeling Reminds me of Some Daft Punk and Justice Sounds with more Chemical taste to it ;) Can't wait for the Live Version to drop!

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I'm gonna make an edit of this in the style of the 2017 DJ version using this
I can't take the hearbreak of you leaving me again!!
And I'm not the one I was back then, no, no, no, no!!
One thing I can't take is to sit home all alone!!
Do what you like, my dear, but I'm not staying home!!


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