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"Chemical Brothers Live 1997" VHS?

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Hmm... There must be Daft Punk version of Biff too. I want to meet him!

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Thanks for all platitudes folks...
I was soooo mad missing the Forest Hills show, then my man MTech 77 manages a killer pull, on video no less, from up front. AMAZING!
Hugh props for that!

As for Daft, at the time, Pedro, their manager, banned all talk of the cochella bootleg on the Daft Punk board. Believe me he WAS NOT happy... And probably because the sound was just flawless... Then, and excuse me cuz i can't remember the name of the person, from the coachella board, that solicited video clips from other attendees, and pieced, and oh my god what a job that must have been, pieced together a complete show on video, from what must have been hundreds of clips, synced it to my audio, and blew up the message board with its release.
And Pedro lost his mind... He wanted my head...  Just about every article on the internet about Coachella 2006 had a reference to the now infamous video bootleg release from the most talked about set from that year. Then he had to release an official video from that same tour, Daft Punks "Alive 2007" recorded in Paris later the next year.
So while the fans may have appreciated the video boot release, no one else in the Daft camp was pleased with our work..

But thats what makes it so special, its the pinnacle of bootleg taping, to get the powers that be to pay attention and rub their noses in it a little...
Guy and Thomas are tops in the electronic dance movement to me, and having had a hand in the bootleg was pleasing enough for me, and the thought that little ol' me (with a whole lot of internet help) could force a major release from a major artist is just, again the pinnacle of what bootleg taping could bring, and oh so satisfying...

As for Chem Base, in the ten year absence of the chems (here in america) i fell of the board, cuz i used to be on it, but i guess the data base changed and i never re upped, till the boys came back to NY, thought the time was right. Then going thru some stuff I found the 97 show and knew where it would bet appreciated, which is how i got back here.

So is there anyone that go thru this file and give me track timings and titles, and i can put the flac files up on Dime or Mixing bowl for the lossless community???

I didn't go thru the file that was posted here previously, and i am unaware of any other New York show in 97 that that video may have come from. Someone has already stated that it seems the video audio is different from what i posted, so i don't know where that video may have come from.
Also i was late getting in. so the show is in progress (Song for the Siren) when i started recording, missing about 20 minutes of the start, which is present on the previous file.

Thanks folks.. and as always, more to come....

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So is there anyone that go thru this file and give me track timings and titles, and i can put the flac files up on Dime or Mixing bowl for the lossless community???

00:00:00 Song For The Siren
00:01:25 Three Little Birdies Down Beats
00:09:24 It Doesn't Matter
00:13:46 Don't Stop The Rock
00:17:25 Elektrobank
00:22:22 Piku
00:24:32 Playground For A Wedgeless Firm
00:27:21 Dig Your Own Hole
00:32:49 Setting Sun
00:41:43 Chemical Beats
00:54:21 Hey Boy Hey Girl/Music Response
00:57:27 I Take LSD (I'm Taking LSD)
01:06:45 The Private Psychedelic Reel

Can't wait to hear lossless!


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